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OYSTER - Laser table system
OYSTER® - Laser table system
This compact system offers an economical entry into laser marking. The table system delivers outstanding results for individual parts and small-scale series for a wide range of different materials.The OYSTER® is used whenever small parts are to be marked or engraved quickly, flexibly and to a high quality standard.
The MiniMark provides the most economical solution that meets a wide range of production needs. It requires protective spectacles while working. The MiniMark is a class IV desktop laser marking machine which offers easy high speed laser marking with the minimal footprint.
LV Mini
LV Mini
Precision welding and precision cutting on an installation area of just one square metre. This LV Mini is an ultra-flexible laser processing machine which is particularly suitable for quick and convenient processing of many different small workpieces with complex component geometries or even fine structures.
MSV 100 MSV 100
MSV 100
Laser Ablation R&D Tool
The MSV-100 represents a cost effective solution to process development in microelectronics, thin film or Transparent Conducting oxide patterning and removal such as ITO. Photovoltaic crystalline cell scribing, drilling, cutting and patterning is also a popular application for this adaptable machinery.
LaserCleave - 500 SC
Optek Systems
LaserCleave™ - 500 SC
OpTek's unique machine tools are in service around the world producing laser-processed fiber ends of unmatched quality and reproducibility, with many millions of OpTek-processed ends in service in telecoms, datacoms, medical, aerospace and defence applications.

The new LaserCleave™ 500 model offers unprecedented levels of compactness and is designed to maximise productivity in 2.5mm fiber connector manufacture by reducing & eliminating polishing steps.
3D Camera C-cam
Cerion Laser
3D Camera C-cam
With our 3D camera C-cam we provide you with a powerful camera systems that leaves nothing to be desired. From the laser system to the exposure equipment, you can get everything from a single source.
Laser Cutter M-800
Euro Laser
Laser Cutter M-800
  • The laser cutter M-800 with a processing area of 1330 x 830 mm (52.3" x 32.6") is well-prepared for all applications in the fields of laser cutting, engraving and marking.
  • A special feature is the optional shuttle table system, which almost doubles your productivity, enabling you to hold all the aces even with a "smaller" laser cutter.
Laser Fume Extraction
Laser Fume Extraction
Advantage Range of Laser Fume Extractors
BOFA's range of advantage laser fume and filtration extraction systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries.
Fiber Polishing
Fiber Polishing
Enabling Fiber Communications... View our Wide range of products : FIBERTEC, ULTRA TOOL, U.zT.Minipol.1 Polisher, CTC Polisher, FTTX and more.
Fluorescence imaging, Phase contrast, OptoGenetics, Macroscopy, Flash photolysis, FRAP, Photo receptor studies, Bespoke applications, Circadian rhythms. Cairn has many years experience in supplying illumination solutions for fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy, macroscopy and related areas.
Series 200
Series 200 - Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor
The Series 200 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a cost-effective portable monitor that can accurately measure a range of gases commonly found in indoor or industrial environments. It is an entry level monitor designed for carrying out spot checks of problem areas, personal exposure monitoring, and identifying leaks.
Aragon Photonics
Designed to find the best balance between performance, features and cost, the new BOSA Lite is the new access point to the world of ultra-high optical resolution and the most affordable sub-picometric OSA in the market.
  • 20 MHz (0.16 pm) purely optical resolution
  • 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range
  • Two polarization channels
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Cost-effective
SMART 3 Colorimeter
SMART 3 Colorimeter
The compact SMART3 Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Easy to use software allows the analyst to choose a test factor from over 75 pre-programmed calibrations for LaMotte reagent systems.